Alumni News: Ben Malkin ’12

We heard from Ben Malkin, who sent us the following update from Southern California:


I am working at my old elementary/middle school, right now as a middle school dorm parent. I am going back to school in the spring to get my teaching credentials.  Ojai Valley School is in my home town and is a wonderful private school.  Outdoor education is huge part of the school, we take the kids camping on the islands, go on rock climbing, snorkeling, kayaking trips, every 6th, 7th, and 8h grader must go on at least a 7 day back packing trip, and really anything outdoors to help kids grow. I will be working here for the next few years and maybe even long term.


Summer opportunity: Wikipedian in Residence

Here is a new summer research opportunity on campus…  the project for the summer is to be the archives wikipedian.  It sounds like a great opportunity!

Summer Fellowship in Archives and Special Collections


The Archives & Special Collections maintains the University of Puget Sound’s rare books, artists’ books, and manuscripts, as well as materials documenting the university and its history. The Summer Fellowship in Archives & Special Collections Grant was established in 2012 to promote student research, scholarship, and creativity through the use of primary sources.  The Summer Fellowship will provide students with an opportunity to work with primary sources and assist in making these materials available for future study and research.

2014 Project: Wikipedian in Residence

Through Wikipedia’s GLAM-Wiki project (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) the Wikipedian in Residence will increase access to the Archives & Special Collections holdings and services while strengthening the relationship between the Archives & Special Collections and the Wikipedia community.  Adhering to archival and Wikipedia best practices, the Wikipedian in Residence will: promote new or existing Wiki projects related to the University’s holdings; work with staff to digitize, compile, and organize resources that can be shared with the Wikipedia community; and advise staff on Wikipedia best practices.

February 12, 2014 – Optional Archives & Special Collections Open House.  Meet the Librarians, look over the collections and discuss the summer research projects.  Stop by anytime between 4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

March 10, 2014 – Application Due.

Summer Research Grants

A great opportunity to get paid to spend the summer doing research on a topic of your choice.  You can find accounts of two recent summer research projects by philosophy majors here and here.

Summer Research Grants in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

The University of Puget Sound, with the support of the Richard Bangs Collier Institute of Ethics and Science and an anonymous donor, has established summer research programs for undergraduates in the arts, humanities and social sciences. These programs offer students the opportunity to engage in independent research projects during the summer. Stipends of $3,250 and $3,750 will be awarded on a competitive basis to students who demonstrate research interest and ability.  Applications are due March 10th, 2014.

Philosophy summer oportunities

Rutgers Summer Institute for Diversity in Philosophy

This seven day program is designed to introduce undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds to the various areas of specialization within the discipline of philosophy, give students a better idea of what graduate studies in philosophy is about, and explore various views about what it means to be a professional philosopher.   Up to fifteen students will be given the opportunity to interact in formal and informal settings with a group of talented graduate students and distinguished faculty members from a number of universities.  The Institute will provide travel, room and board, and a $250 stipend. This year’s program will be held at the Continuing Studies & Conference Center in New Brunswick, NJ. Applications must be completed and submitted to the 2014 Summer Institute for Diversity in Philosophy and postmarked no later than May 7, 2014.

Colorado Summer Seminar in Philosophy

The Seminar is intended for outstanding undergraduates who are considering graduate school in philosophy. The aim is to introduce students to the atmosphere of a graduate-level seminar, giving participants a chance to explore and sharpen their philosophical abilities before they commit to a graduate program.

Philosophy in an Inclusive Key Summer Institute (PIKSI)

This seven-day institute is designed to encourage undergraduate students from underrepresented groups (including women and the economically disadvantaged) to consider future study in philosophy. PIKSI emphasizes the on-going project of greater inclusiveness that is transforming the discipline, inviting students to participate in the conversation.  Transportation to and from the institute, room and board, and a small stipend will be provided for participants.

The Carnegie Mellon Summer School in Logic and Formal Epistemology

The Department of Philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University offers a three-week summer school in logic and formal epistemology for promising undergraduates in philosophy, mathematics, computer science, linguistics, and other sciences. The goals are to introduce promising students to cross-disciplinary fields of research at an early stage in their career and forge lasting links between the various disciplines.  The program will pay for tuition and dormitory accommodations on the Carnegie Mellon campus.

Kierkegaard Summer Fellows and Young Scholars Programs

The Kierkegaard Library offers fellowships to scholars for from two to nine weeks in duration, usually used between June 3 and August 15. Fellowships are also available at other times of year. The award includes free housing and a $300 per month stipend for food as well as access to the libraries and other facilities of St. Olaf College. Young Scholars Program stipends are $200 per month.

The young scholars program is designed for college seniors or recently graduated college graduates prior to their graduate school programs. Young scholars should apply as Summer Fellows. If there is a core group among our applications, the curator of the Kierkegaard library will convene the Young Scholars Program which meets daily usually during the month of July. In-depth study of a chosen Kierkegaard text or other topic will be the focus as well as the curator’s mentorship for the scholar’s own research and study.

Writing Advisor Positions

The deadline for applying to be a writing advisor at the Center for Writing, Learning, and Teaching is 2/14/14.  It’s a great job that can help you improve your own writing while also helping other students with their writing.  You can find the information on how to apply here.