Examined Life: Follow-up Part II

You’ll recall that two of the philosophers featured in the movie are Martha Nussbaum — who talks about the social contract while walking along the bank of Lake Michigan in Chicago — and Judith Butler — who has the conversation with the woman in a wheelchair.  As mentioned in the discussion afterward, several years ago Nussbaum wrote a famous article in the popular political magazine The New Republic in which she criticizes Butler in especially harsh terms.  It’s one of the most famous volleys in an intellectual fight in recent years.  Here is a link to Nussbaum’s article…


Philosophy Talk

This past weekend Justin and I had a chance to attend a live taping of “Philosophy Talk,” a radio show hosted by Stanford philosophers Ken Taylor and John Perry.  It was fun to be there as they taped it, it was a show on Mindreading which was partially an interview with Shaun Nichols (a philosopher of mind at the University of Arizona).  This particular episode will not air till January but most of their episodes air live and people can call in with questions.  You can listen to many of the past programs online at their website, they feature interviews with philosophers as well as discussions between Ken Taylor and John Perry about various topics.  Check them out: http://www.philosophytalk.org/

They have lots of interesting things in their website but don’t miss Perry’s essays on procrastination: http://www.structuredprocrastination.com/

Movie “Examined Life” on Tuesday evening

The first philosophy movie night of the semester is tomorrow evening – Tuesday, October 27th. Here’s the info…

Movie: EXAMINED LIFE: Philosophy is in the Streets (2009)

When: Tuesday, October 27th, at 7:00 p.m.

Where: Rausch Auditorium

Info: The movie is a documentary by director Astra Taylor, and it contains interviews with the philosophers and theorists Kwame Anthony Appiah, Judith Butler, Michael Hardt, Martha Nussbaum, Avital Ronell, Peter Singer, Sunaura Taylor, Cornel West, and Slavoj Zizek. The film is especially concerned with the “practical applications of these thinkers’ ideas.

Discussion: Following the screening of the film there will be discussion led by Alisa Kessel from Politics and Government, Justin Tiehen from Philosophy, and Ariela Tubert from Philosophy.

This event is sponsored by the Philosophy Department, the Philosophy Club, and the Department of Politics and Government.

In addition, the Philosophy Club will be talking about the movie at their meeting at 9:00 on Wednesday in Wyatt 326.

Hope to see you there!

Call for Papers from Episteme, an International Journal of Undergraduate Philosophy


Episteme, an International Journal of Undergraduate Philosophy,
announces the scheduled publication of volume XXI, May 2010.

Episteme will consider papers written by undergraduate students in any
area of philosophy. Papers are evaluated according to quality of
research, depth of inquiry, creativity, original insight and clarity.
Submissions should:

1. Remain under the 5,000 words maximum.

2. Include a cover sheet with the author’s name, mailing address
(current and permanent), email address, telephone number, college or
university name, submission title, and word count.

3. End with a Works Cited page in Chicago style. Please use endnotes
rather than footnotes.

4. Arrive electronically by midnight on 11/15/09 to the e-mail address
episteme@denison.edu as a Microsoft Word attachment.

Episteme is an annual student-run publication, founded in 1990, that
aims to recognize and encourage excellence in undergraduate philosophy
by providing students and faculty with examples of strong work.

Our May 2009 issue, volume XX, contained the following four papers:

“The Place of Book X in Plato’s Republic, by Willie Costello,
University of Pittsburgh

“A Gap in Kim’s Eliminative Argument for Reductionism,” by B.D.
Mooneyham, Kansas State University

“Rawls on Abortion: Adapting his Theory of Justice to the
Controversy,” Douglas Dreier, Cornell University

“Norm-Expressivism and the Frege-Geach Problem,” Megan Blomfield,
University of Bristol

Please direct all questions to the editor — Denison junior Sean Walt
— at episteme@denison.edu.

ASK Night: Alumni Sharing Knowledge

An invitation from Kris Hay at the Carreer and Employment Services:

Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Night 2009
Thursday, Nov. 5: drop by anytime between 7:00 and 8:30 p.m.
Wheelock Rotunda 

Light snacks provided.

ASK Night is an opportunity for students to:

  • Make contacts/network with alumni professionals in a wide variety of careers
  • Connect with and seek advice from alumni
  • Hear about what others have done with their Puget Sound education

About ASK Night   •   List of participants   •   Networking tips

Call for Papers: Undergraduate Philosophy Journal

A call for papers from The Hemlock Papers, a journal published by the Philosophy Department at the University of Idaho:

The Hemlock Papers is now seeking submissions for the Spring 2010 issue.

The Hemlock Papers is produced through the Philosophy Department at the University of Idaho. This journal publishes work by any undergraduate student with an interest in philosophy.

 We are seeking papers on any philosophical topic. Submissions should be between three and five thousand words. Essays must be original, previously unpublished, and submitted while the author is an undergraduate.

 Editors may require revisions from authors of accepted submissions.

 Email submissions to hemlock@uidaho.edu by January 11th, 2010.

 Submissions should include a title page with title of submission, author name, institution, email address, and postal address. For blind review, the rest of the document should only include the title and text. Email submissions in .docx, .doc, .rtf, .wpd, or .pdf formats. Any questions regarding submissions can be sent to the editors directly at the above email address.

Authors will be notified regarding submissions by March, 2010. Authors of accepted submissions will receive a gratis copy of the Spring 2010 edition of The Hemlock Papers.