Western Canada Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

Here’s a call for papers for an undergraduate philosophy conference to be held at the University of British Columbia on November 7th.  The deadline for submissions is coming up really soon (this Wednesday, 10/14).  So if you’re interested, send something off right away…


CALL FOR PAPERS for the Third Annual Western Canadian Undergraduate
Philosophy Conference:

The University of British Columbia’s Philosophy Students’ Association
is pleased to host the Third Annual Western Canadian Undergraduate
Philosophy Conference.  It will be held here on November 7th.

We are looking for papers that have already been submitted for an
upper-level class and that have done well.  Submissions in all fields
of philosophy are welcome. There is a 4000 word limit, though we
prefer shorter papers (8-12 pages, double-spaced).  Please submit your
papers by October 14th, 2009 so that our committee will have enough
time to select and inform the presenters.  Please limit yourself to
one submission.  We will provide at least two weeks notice to

We will follow a blind refereeing procedure, so please ensure that
your name or other identifying information does not appear anywhere
except on the title page of your submission.

Files may be Word documents (.doc), Word 2007 documents (.docx), plain
text documents (.txt), rich text documents (.rtf), or PDFs.  The
subject heading of your email submission should read: “Author: Title

Please send your paper (and any questions) to: philosophy@club.ams.ubc.ca

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