Movie Breaking the Code tomorrow at 7pm in Rausch Auditorium

Join us for the last showing of the 2011-2012 Philosophy and Political Theory Film series:

Breaking the Code
Tuesday 4/24 at 7:00 in Rausch Auditorium
Followed by a discussion with Alisa Kessell (Politics & Government), Ariela Tubert (Philosophy), Justin Tiehen (Philosophy) and Douglas Cannon (Philosophy).

The film is a dramatization of the life of Alan Turing, the founder of the science of computation and an important logician and philosopher.  Turing’s mathematical discoveries led him into the war effort of Great Britain against Nazi Germany.  Turing was also criminally prosecuted in 1952 in Britain for engaging in homosexual acts, and committed suicide in 1954.  Breaking the Code is a play by Hugh Whitemore that links two themes:  Turing’s work to break the Enigma Code during World War II and his struggles as an openly gay man when homosexuality was still illegal in Britain.

His life and thought have implications for individual rights, national security policy, the scope and limits of computation, and the mind-body problem.