Philosophy talk on Friday: “Humor and Morality”

Professor Noël Carroll (CUNY Graduate Center) will be giving the keynote address for our Second Puget Sound Undergraduate Philosophy Conference this coming Friday 4/26 at 5pm in Trimble Forum.  The talk is entitled “Humor and Morality.”

You can find more information about the talk and Prof. Carroll here.

The philosophy conference features papers by visiting student speakers and commentaries by Puget Sound students.  The full schedule for the conference can be found here.

STS talk: Marxism and the 1930s Origin of the Social Construction of Science

“Marxism and the 1930s Origin of the Social Construction of Science”

Thursday, April 4th, 5-6 pm, Wyatt 101

Prof. Mary Jo Nye
(OSU, Corvallis)
Author of Blackett: Physics, War and Politics in the 20th Century and Before Big Science: The Pursuit of Modern Chemistry and Physics, 1800-1940.

Professor Nye will describe the fascinating history of scientists’ efforts to examine the social context within which science is produced and utilized, illustrating the complex ties between history, politics, philosophy, and science.