Alumni Updates: Raffi Ronquillo ’14


The paths that people choose to take can lead them all across the world; in Rafael Ronquillo’s case, his degree in philosophy led him to Guatemala, where he is applying his philosophical background to help a small community.

My name is Rafael (Rafi) Ronquillo and I have been serving in the Peace Corps in the western highlands of Guatemala as a Maternal and Child Health Volunteer since March of 2018. I live in a community of about 6,000 people in the department of Sololá and serve with my partner, Rachel Moore, who is also a Puget Sound graduate, (class of 2016).

While it’s true that these days I’m spending more time eating tortillas than I am writing term papers, I’ve found that studying philosophy in college has had many practical applications here in the Peace Corps. First and foremost, it has helped me understand other’s perspectives in a rich and more contextualized manner. Secondly, spending time reading and grappling with complicated texts and concepts has allowed me to feel comfortable taking a break from something in order to come back to it later with a fresh perspective. These two skills have benefitted me immensely here in Guatemala.

I like to think that regularly having to evaluate written arguments has given me the ability to seek out and engage with differing perspectives. I run into many community members while working at our local health center who are hesitant to seek certain forms of health care, like vaccines. I was initially confused and frustrated as to why so many people were disinclined to receive free, potentially life-saving treatment. It wasn’t until I was able to read more into the country’s violent history with governmental institutions and talked to individuals in my community about their history that I was able to gain a richer perspective on the matter.

The ability to be patient is another skill I’ve found incredibly rewarding here in Guatemala. That skillset is something that the study of philosophy helped me hone. One of my mantras here in the Peace Corps has been, poco a poco, or little by little. This mantra has helped me persevere through countless uncertain work and interpersonal situations here in the country. I’ve been able to step away from a problem, gather evidence, synthesize that evidence with context and form a solid plan of action. This slow and methodical process was something I used countless times while studying at Puget Sound.

I look back fondly at my time spent at Puget Sound. The lessons I’ve learned while studying philosophy have stuck with me over the years since, and I have no doubt they will continue to prove useful in the years to come.




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