Deadline Approaching: Undergraduate Poster Session Submissions for the APA and AAPT

Below is a message from Kaitlin Pettit (the 2019 Central and Pacific Teaching Hub poster session organizer) about submitting posters to be presented in the upcoming APA and AAPT undergraduate poster session. Note that the submission deadline is Thursday, September 13. 

This coming April, at the 2019 Pacific APA in Vancouver, B.C., the American Philosophical Association (APA) and the American Association of Philosophy Teachers (AAPT) will offer an undergraduate poster session, as part of the 2019 Pacific Teaching Hub. We are writing to ask for your help in generating poster session submissions from undergraduate philosophy students who recently have completed independent work in the context of summer research, independent studies, honors projects, or other capstone experiences.
Presenting a poster at the APA can be a terrific experience for undergraduates who have shown a special interest in philosophy. They will receive discounted APA membership and meeting registration fees; they will learn more about the culture of the discipline; they will have the opportunity to see professional philosophers in action; and they will interact with undergraduate peers from all over the country—all of which can contribute to departmental goals for both student retention and graduate school admittance. 300-word abstracts in pdf form, prepared for anonymous review, are due to by the end of Thursday, September 13, 2018 (extended deadline). For more information about the poster session and additional Teaching Hub opportunities for faculty, please visit:

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