Two talks this week by distinguished philosopher Scott Soames

Both talks are by Scott Soames, distinguished professor, director of School of Philosophy, University of Southern California.

Don’t miss them! Here is the info on the first talk:

“Language, Meaning, and Information: A Case Study on the Path From Philosophy to Science”

Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 7:30pm — Kilworth Memorial Chapel

Philosophy, practiced since the beginning of time, led to the emergence of more “hands-on” sciences such as physics and economics. Could it be that the study of language today is experiencing similar growth of new knowledge and new applications that stem from philosophy?

Scott Soames will discuss this question, looking at developments in deductive logic, in the theory of computation, in generative linguistics, and most recently in the semantics of names and natural kind terms—all of which were initiated by philosophers. He will examine how these inquiries have led to the experimentation, empirical research, and systematic theorizing that is characteristic of the sciences.

Soames’ own work, beginning with his graduate training with renowned scholar and author Noam Chomsky, has been at the center of recent developments. Such studies have born practical fruit, most obviously in the capacity of computers to communicate in English and other human languages, but also in teaching second languages, in preserving heritage languages, in organizing vast stores of electronic information, in Google searches, and in the sort of data mining that discovers threats to national security in a mass of text messages.

And here is the info on the second talk:

“Language, Thought, and Information”

Friday, September 28, @3:30pm in Wyatt 109

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