The Battle of Algiers – Tues 2/28 at 7pm

Please join us tomorrow evening for the fourth film in the 2011-2012 Philosophy and Political Theory Film Series:

The Battle of Algiers
Tuesday 2/28 at 7pm in Rausch Auditorium

Most of this film about the Algerian struggle for independence is shot in flashback, presented as the memories of Ali, a leading member of the Algerian Front de Liberation Nationale (FLN), who is captured by the French in 1957.  Three years earlier, Ali had been a petty thief who joined the secretive organization in order to help rid the Casbah of vice associated with the colonial government.  The film traces the rebels’ struggle and the increasingly extreme measures taken by the French government to quell what soon becomes a nationwide revolt.

Film screening followed by discussion with Alisa Kessel (Politics and Government), Justin Tiehen (Philosophy), and Ariela Tubert (Philosophy)

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