Film The Minority Report – Tuesday 1/31 at 7pm

Please join us for the third film in the 2011-2012 Philosophy and Political Theory Film Series:

The Minority Report

Tuesday 1/31 at 7pm in Rausch Auditorium

Film screening followed by discussion with Alisa Kessel (Politics and Government), Justin Tiehen (Philosophy), and Ariela Tubert (Philosophy)

In the year 2054, crimes in Washington, D.C. are solved by “PreCrime”, a specialized police unit that apprehends criminals based on foreknowledge provided by three psychics called “precogs”.  The cast includes Tom Cruise as PreCrime captain John Anderton, Colin Farrell as Department of Justice agent Danny Witwer, Samantha Morton as the senior precog Agatha, and Max von Sydow as Anderton’s superior Lamar Burgess.  Based on a short story by Philip K. Dick.

 2011-2012 Philosophy and Political Theory Film Series

This year’s film series traces the theme of freedom and self-determination through different contexts; through imagined futures, ‘actual’ futures, and past memories; through the supernatural and the profoundly human.  Each of these films, in its own way, asks what it means to be free and calls us to reflect upon our capacities for self-determination.  Two of the films are based on stories by science fiction writer Philip K. Dick, who also wrote the short story upon which Bladerunner, one of last year’s films, is based.

Showing later in the semester:

Tues 2/28:  The Battle of Algiers

Tues 4/3:  A Scanner Darkly

Tues 4/24:   Breaking the Code

The first two films in the series were A Clockwork Orange and V for Vendetta (shown in fall 2011)

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