Colorado Summer Seminar in Philosophy

July 19th through August 6th, 2010: Boulder, Colorado.
Sponsored by the Department of Philosophy
at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

The Seminar is intended for outstanding undergraduates who are considering graduate school in philosophy. The aim is to introduce students to the atmosphere of a graduate-level seminar, giving participants a chance to explore and sharpen their philosophical abilities before they commit to a graduate program.

In addition to offering the experience of a graduate seminar, we hope participants will benefit from meeting other students with similar interests and from interacting with prominent faculty in the field.  The Seminar is designed to prepare participants for graduate school, and to help participants gain admission into the best programs.

The class size will be between 15 and 20. The course is highly intensive, meeting five times a week for three weeks, for three hours a day, with a further student-led discussion session in the evenings. The readings will be dense and difficult, and students will be expected to participate extensively. Several papers will be required. Preference will be given to students with significant background in philosophy who have not yet applied to graduate school.

Topic for 2010: Applied Philosophy
The topic of the Seminar changes every summer. In 2010, the Seminar’s topic will be applied philosophy, extending not only to ethical and political questions, but also to philosophical problems that arise in science, human reasoning, and literature. Likely topics include:

  • death
  • abortion
  • the moral standing of animals
  • literature and emotion
  • the practice of science
  • human rationality
  • climate change
  • environmental philosophy

Summer in Colorado
The seminar will take place on the campus of the University of Colorado at Boulder. Located at the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains, 25 miles northwest of Denver, Boulder is perhaps the most attractive college setting in the country. Participants will be encouraged to explore the city of Boulder and the nearby mountains. Weekend outings will be organized.

Tuition and Housing
Tuition: $750
Housing: approximately $400

To receive full consideration, applications must be received by April 1st. Decisions will be made within a month.

You can find application instructions and more information at:

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