Call for Essays & Creative Writing Projects

2010 Undergraduate Ethics Symposium – DePauw University

April 8-10, 2010

DePauw University invites you to take part in the Undergraduate Ethics Symposium at the Prindle Institute for Ethics, a center for interdisciplinary reflection on ethical issues. This symposium is an opportunity to engage in dialogue with leading scholars and artists about today’s ethical concerns.

Although students may write about any ethical issue, this year we especially encourage submissions focusing on Self-Interest, Altruism and Morality:  Evolutionary, Religious and Philosophical Perspectives. Students may write an argumentative essay or an analysis focused on an ethical question or subject; or they may wish to explore ethical themes that are addressed in plays, poetry, film, or fiction. In addition, students may wish to explore these themes through fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry or dramatic writings. The Institute welcomes works centered on ethics from all disciplines, including the humanities and social sciences, but also the natural sciences and arts. 

  • Students’ travel (up to $400), lodging, and meals will be covered by the Institute
  • Deadline extended to February 12, 2010
  • Submit to Linda Clute at
  • Place name and collegiate affiliation on separate page
  • Guidelines:
    ▪         Essays and fiction pieces should be submitted in Chicago style (3,500 word limit)
    ▪         Poets should submit 5-10 poems, not more than 10 pages total.
    ▪         Playwrights should submit a 10-minute play
    ▪         Film makers should submit a 10-minute film
    ▪         Screenwriters should submit a 10-page screenplay
  • Notification: March 1, 2010


David Sloan Wilson, Professor of Biological Sciences and Anthropology, Binghamton University
Claudia Mills, Professor of Philosophy, University of Colorado
Ronald Sundstrom, Professor of Philosophy and Co-Director of African American Studies, University of San Francisco

More info:

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