Philosophy Major = $$$

If you’re like me, the main reason you got into the philosophy game was for the cold, hard, cash.  You want dough and lots of it.  Well, good news: it turns out being a philosophy major is pretty lucrative.  Check out the following link, and page down a little bit…

As you’ll see, with respect to starting and mid-career salaries, philosophy majors rank ahead of all other humanity majors, and ahead of all social science majors but economics, international relations, and political science — and in fact, it’s close enough to international relations and political science that they’re virtually tied.  The only sorts of majors that rank ahead of philosophy come from the mathematical sciences — computer science, physics, etc. — and *some* but not all business fields.  So if you’re a computer engineer you might make more, but on the downside you then would be a computer engineer.

So, next time someone tells you philosophy is impractical, set them straight.  And then drop some (Walter) Benjamins on them.

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