David Sosa: “The Intellectual Vision Thing”

We have a philosophy talk this week!

David Sosa, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin, will be giving a talk this Wednesday, 4/8, at 4:00 in Wyatt 308. The talk, entitled “The Intellectual Vision Thing,” will be on the nature of intuition — is intuition a kind intellectual vision?

David Sosa was the dissertation advisor for both Ariela Tubert and Justin Tiehen at the University of Texas. If you’ve seen the movie WAKING LIFE, then you’ve seen him in action in this clip…

Make sure you don’t miss the talk: if Sosa turns himself into a gear in front of everybody, and you missed it, you’re going to feel stupid.

2 thoughts on “David Sosa: “The Intellectual Vision Thing”

  1. I’m sure going to this one if I can. I will never forget Jung saying: “Imagination may be a route to the truth”.

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