Honors Thesis Presentation: “Alternative Development: New Ways to Solve Old Problems in the Third World or More of the Same?”

The presentation by senior philosophy major Justin Haruyama will take place on Wednesday, February 4th at 4pm in Wyatt 109.

Here is a brief description of the thesis (from Justin):

What has gone wrong with third world development over the past fifty years? Are these problems solvable, or is development itself a flawed paradigm? Can new, people-centered, participatory, “alternative” forms of development overcome the tremendous failures of development? Or will these new alternative movements in development practice simply succumb once again to the service of the status quo and the power elite? My thesis examines these issues and more as I seek to grapple with the fundamental question of what, if anything, will allow development to become a meaningful and positive endeavor in the 21st century, and defeat those critics who believe that it simply be abandoned to the “dustbin of history.”